2021 SuperPULL

Horse & Pony pulling RULES AND REGULATIONS

1) Pullers, you are RESPONSIBLE for your own horses, equipment, feed, truck, trailer, etc.  Under No Circumstance will SuperPULL Organizers be liable for your being on the grounds, ( pulling or otherwise ), nor others that travel with you or your equine.

2) Entries, with the proper fees AND ALL forms, can be submitted to SuperPULL, 1919 Oakwood Rd Brillion, WI 54110   We will NOT be responsible for mail that is NOT delivered. Entries are excepted on pulling grounds day of pulling event. Please see Michelle/Mary for all registration forms. 

3)   ALL Entries will receive 3 armbands per entry.

4) WEIGHING: PLEASE REGISTER prior to weigh in.
3400# and 3600# teams must weigh-in on the grounds between 1 & 2:30 pm on October 1st 2021 ONLY! 3400# teams first. Horses pulling in the 3400# class can pull back in the 3600# with a fresh horse.
No weights taken on October 2nd.
b) All Heavyweights MUST register with Michelle/Mary upon arrival.  

5) Ponies:  53” Ponies

  1. a) The Wisconsin Pony Pullers Assoc, will be in charge of measuring ponies.

1) Pony teams must be measured 53” or under and will be measured from the high part
of the withers.

2) Shoes will not be measured in the height of ponies.

3) Ponies feet must stay between 2 angles set at 68” apart

4) No leaning allowed.

5) 1 ½” maximum allowed for shoes.

  1. b) You’ll be able to measure 2 different times, at 1 ½ minute each time between 1 & 2:30 pm 10/4/19

6) Health Certificates/Coggins: Please bring the original Coggins papers along with

7) Pulling Rules:

  1. a) Puller must stay seated on the machine at all times. Falling off will disqualify that pull.
  2. b) The required distance to pull is 27 ½ feet for horses and 16 feet for ponies.
  3. c) Each team is entitled to three pulls on a given load. For each pull attempted, the driver will have three tries to get the team hitched. A try is defined as: “the driver must touch the lines while also touching the dynamometer, while trying to get hitched”
    d) If the team fails to make the required distance on pull #1 the driver must stay hitched if they would like to take pull #2. If the driver unhitches for pull #2, they forfeit pull #2 but can come back at the end of the round for pull #3. The driver has the option to pass pull #1 and pull #2 and spot the machine for pull #3
    e) Once the exhibitor’s name is called, they have three minutes to start their pull on pull #1 and pull #3. Two minutes are allowed for Pull #2. The time clock stops on breakdowns (Judge’s discretion). Being over a tug will not constitute a breakdown.
  4. f) Horses and Ponies may switch sides.
  5. g) Heading of horses and ponies is prohibited except during breakdowns or horse over a tug. Teams needing to be headed will unhitch from the machine.
  6. h) No changing of bridles is allowed with the exception of a breakdown.

i).No teams shall be tied together with ropes or extra straps.

  1. k) You can pull a horse (not pony) back from another class if you have a FRESH horse to pull with it.- must make weight if not a heavyweight horse.

8) Drivers may not be changed unless they are sick or injured. (Judges discretion)

9) Anyone whipping or undue use of lines, profanity, misuse of ponies & horses, inside or outside of the arena will be disqualified
10) THE JUDGE’S DECISION IS FINAL! Argument of any decision may result in disqualification or placing last in the competition. The judge has the right to disqualify any team if they are out of control and/or a risk to people, horses or spectators in or out of the Arena.

11) Good Horsemanship, Pony Etiquette and Sportsmanship MUST be followed at all times!