DayDateVenueTimeMore Info
MondayAugust 10
Wisconsin State Fair
1pm - 3000#
3pm - 3200#
7pm - Heavies
Lights & Middles weigh 1 pm on grounds
Wisconsin State Fair: $30 entry if mailed - MUST be postmarked by June 10th (2nd Wed. in June) OR Completed online by 7pm CST on June 24th (4th June) Dates/Times are FIRM.....any entries late will be $100. You can enter the day of the pull as a late entry.
NO SELLING of ENTRIES will be permitted. (so don't ask) Whatever name is entered, will be on the official score sheet and check sent to that exhibitor address.
Anyone that does NOT know how to enter online, can get paperwork and money to Vickie to do for you, by June 23rd NO LATER.
Info for Entry Forms and more will follow! Please tell other pullers!! Help/hookers will be appreciated as we could be short on this Monday night.