A unique part of our history is the work that these equine athletes put forth to put food on our table, to move heavy objects, to farm, to ride, to use as machinery is used today!  With the invention of the motor engine and the replacement of machines and tractors…..these horses, although not used as much, were still in need for other services on the farms.  Can’t you just hear a neighbor telling you that His horse is stronger than Your horse?  I’m sure it was tested several times and possibly the reason that the sport of horsepulling came about.  Going to the local fairs and competing with other farmers.  There’s a lot of history we don’t know, but you can just imagine what might have taken place at those events.

What a crucial part of our history for what they have done to make our lives better. And now we get to see them through horsepulling contests, hitches and shows.  There are a select few of these pulling horses that still farm today. Maybe not everyday and not every acre, but to some use as the owner desires.  Mostly today, they are bred for their power and with great conditioning and feeding and fitting measures…..are able to compete on record loads, proving they are a true Equine Athlete!

Ah, the stories that were told back in the day. Something that is truly missed in todays world. Now we have phones that take pictures of the event and not so much stories!