Illinois 2023 Pulls

*Illinois Horse Pullers Assoc. * sled * Timezone Central
also putting on pulls in Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky
DateVenueTIMEWeighMore Info
Fri, June 16*Sesser Homecoming, Miner's Memorial Park
Sesser, IL
5 pm2-41 class OW
$1500 purse

Sat, June 17*Sesser, IL2 pm11-12 classes, Split OW
All teamsters get paid
Fri, July 21*Iroquois County Ag & Club
Crescent City, IL
1 pm10-122 classes, Split OW
Sun, July 23*Champaign County Fair
Champaign, IL
12 pm9-112 classes, Split OW
Sun, July 30*Marion County Ag Fair
Salem, IL
1 pm10-122 classes, Split OW
Sat, August 12*Effingham County Fair
Altamont, L
7 pm4-62 classes, Split OW
Sun, August 13*Dale Dublo & Red Peterson 9th Annual Memorial Horsepull
King Saddle Club
Mt Vernon, IL
1 pm10-122 classes, Split OW
All teamster get paid
Sun, August 20*Illinois State Fair
Springfield, IL
1 pm Light OW
4 pm Heavy OW
10-122 c;lasses, Split OW
$2500 each Class
Sun, September 3*DuQuoin State Fair
DuQuoin, IL
1 pm9-112 classes, Split OW
Sun, September 10Sandwich Fair 135th
Sandwich, IL
1 pmOn grounds
Horsepulling Dynamometer
2 Classes, Middles/Heavies
All teamsters get paid
[email protected] to send your pulling schedule and results.