Cumberland Ag. Expo at Newville, PA. * Thursday, 17-Aug-2023 – at 7:00 p.m. (used Buckeye Sled)
LIGHT WEIGHT (3425 lbs. or under)
1st – Cody Bowman of Orangeville, PA.
with Boomer & Dan
26 ft. 8 in. at 7500 lbs.
2nd – Sherwood & Bowman
driver: Corey Wagner of Doylesburg, PA.
with Jake & Chevy
17 ft. 4 in. at 7500 lbs.
1st – Chris Laughman of New Bloomfield, PA.
with Fred & Bob
full pull (27 ft. 6 in.) at 6000 lbs. and withdrew
Judge: Marvin Zinn of Newville, PA.
Announcer/Secretary: Donna Heller Zinn of Newville, PA.