Williamston, NC * March 2, 2024

Thanks so much for all the teams that came to Williamston, NC. We had 3 pair lights, 6 pair heavies.
Boat * 27’06 pull
Ricky Phipps, Willie/Dick 9000 11.8
KCW, Russell, Jack/ Jessie 9000 9.7
KCW, Joe, Cody/Conner 9000 1.0
Dusty Haskell, Reggie, Cap/JD 10500 Full Pull
Chris Wonderly, Rock/Ted 10000 Full Pull and Withdrawal
Dusty Haskell, Reggie, Red/Willy 10000 21.1
Chris Wonderly, King/Rowdy 8000 Full Pull and Withdrawal
Brett Burkhart, Pearl/Randy 7000 Full Pull and Withdrawal
Vernon Herring, Bob/Bill 7000 Full Pull and Withdrawal
Next pull will be In Stokesdale, NC last Saturday in March.